Atlas Chalet Shingles

Next time you walk outside your house, take a look at your roof. If your house was built within the last 15 years, chances are the builder used a shingle that could cause you big headaches down the road. FOX 5 I-Team reporter Randy Travis is here with his investigation into Atlas Chalet shingles.

In recent years, one of the most popular products used in GA was the Atlas Chalet shingle. This unique 3-tab shingle was created to be an affordable shingle that has a layered, 3 dimensional look like an architectural shingle. In reality, the Chalet was not an architectural shingle but was designed to look like one through a process of granular application.

The product was enormously popular with builders due to the low cost. As a result, tens of thousands of homes in GA went on the market roofed with Atlas Chalet shingles.

In 2008, Atlas Corporation abruptly announced it would not produce the product anymore due to a marketing decision. However, the storm of press reports, customer complaints and litigation surrounding the Atlas Chalet tells another story.

In 2013, two class action lawsuits filed against Atlas Roofing Corporation alleged that the company misleadingly advertised that the Atlas Chalet shingle would last 30 years, when in reality, the shingles will blister and crack long before that – sometimes manifesting problems within the first year or two after installation.

In the case of homes outfitted with Atlas Chalet shingles, one broken shingle on a non-repairable roof morally and legally obligates the insurance company to replace the entire roof. You bought your home with a 30 year rated “architectural” shingle. That is what your insurance company should pay for.